Panel exhibition about Siberian Children in Poland

About 100 years ago, 763 Polish orphans (the Siberian Children) were taken to Japan from Siberia, and safely returned to Poland afterwards. We hold panel exhibitions all over Poland to let people know the history widely.

The contents of the exhibition

・Our activities with the descendants of the Siberian Children
・Voice of the descendants of the Siberian Children
・A speech by Ambassador of Japan to Poland, Mr. Akio Miyajima
・ A contribution to the exhibition from Dr Jadwiga Rodowicz, the former Ambassador of Poland to Japan
・The general information about Japan
・History of the Siberian Children / The Journey they have travelled / How did they spend their time in Japan
・The bond between Poland and Japan
・The issue of commemorative stamps and their original exhibitions
・Relationship between Poland and Social Welfare Corporation Fukudenkai
※ You can read all the panels from here (only in Polish)

Organizer: Social Welfare Corporation Fukudenkai
Support: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland / Embassy of Japan in Poland
Supervision: Teruo Matsumoto / prof. dr hab. Wiesław Theiss
Cooperation: Dr Jadwiga Rodowicz / The Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology / The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw / Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum / ASAGAO sp. z o.o.

Plan of the exhibition


Plac Teodora Axentowicza

13.08.2021 ~ 27.08.2021


Park Świętopełka

16.09.2021 ~ 30.09.2021


Prac Wejhera

01.10.2021 ~ 16.10.2021


Special educational school under the name of Jerzy Szartkowski



01.03.2022 ~ 01.04.2022


Plac Litewski

08.05.2023 ~ 29.05.2023


 Plac Dąbrowskiego



Matsuri w Służewskim Domie Kultury



Skwer przy Al. Solidarności i ul. Odrodzenia

18.06.2023 ~ 14.08.2023