About Us

【Operator】Social Welfare Corporation Fukudenkai

     Established in 1876. We are operating a group home for children,  welfare-type facilities for handicapped children, and facilities for the elderly in Tokyo, Japan.

    In 1920, when 375 Polish children left in Siberia arrived in Tokyo, we provided our accommodation for the children and contributed to their safe return. Since then, we have had a deep relationship with Poland.

     In 2020, as we commemorate the centenary of the arrival of Siberian Children in Japan, we launched this website to collect information on Siberian Children. In addition to posting a list of Siberian Children and related information, we are waiting for more information about Siberian Children.

Our Official Website is : http://www.fukudenkai.or.jp/

【Administrator for this website】ASAGAO sp. z o.o.

     Established in 2019 in Cracow, Poland. Commissioned by Fukudenkai, we are managing this website and working as the Polish-side secretariat for events commemorating the centenary of the arrival of Siberian Children in Japan. 

     We are engaged in activities that focus on “personal exchange” such as support for companies aiming to expand into both Japan and Poland, and holding programs and events. 

    Our projects are conducted in cooperation with Japan-Poland Youth Association, which is based in Japan, and features activities involving many students who are interested in both countries.

Our Official Website is : https://asagao.pl/