Fukudenkai’s financing project for Polish people living in Japan

Following the issuance of the emergency declaration, the Social Welfare Corporation Fukudenkai provided living expenses (100,000 yen) to 10 Polish people (as of May 5) through Japan-Poland Youth Association. 

Due to the spread of COVID-19, not only Japanese people but also foreigners living in Japan are in a very difficult situation.
Many foreigners are financially distressed because they have lost their jobs or the flights have been canceled. 

Therefore, Fukudenkai believes that it is important to help the Polish people in Japan again, valuing the relationships that helped Polish children who were in a difficult situation 100 years ago.


【Status and messages from Polish people who received the support (partial)】

・Mr. M.  (25 years old, from Gdańsk)

He came to Japan in December 2019 as a ski instructor with a working holiday visa.
He planned to finish work in mid-March and return to Poland after a domestic trip, but it was canceled due to the cancellation of airplanes.
Currently staying at a hostel.

I received the money and I am thankful to everyone.
I cannot express it in words. I am very thankful because my situation was really difficult since the flight was canceled.
I was encouraged by this support, so I will spend the next few weeks praying that I can return home safely. 


・Ms. N.  (26 years old, from Szczytno)

She came to Japan with a working holiday visa.
Due to the spread of COVID-19, she was dismissed from a part-time job at a restaurant.
At first she was planning to return to Poland in mid-May, but the flight was canceled. Currently staying at an hostel while helping with cleaning.

I never thought I would be able to receive this kind of support.
I already know that there are people who work for us in difficult circumstances.
Thank you very much for your encouragement to stand up.


・Ms. M.  (25 years old, from Dąbrowa Górnicza)

She came to Japan last fall with a working holiday visa.
She was working as a housekeeper at a hotel, but the hotel was closed due to COVID-19 and she cannot receive her salary after May.
She is planning to stay in Japan until October, so now she is looking for her next job, but she hasn’t found any jobs yet.

I am very grateful to Fukudenkai for their financial and mental support.
I will be staying in Japan for a while, so it is hard to explain how helpful it is.
Thank you so much!


Due to the extension of the emergency declaration, further flight cancellations and the delay of normal economic resumption are expected. 

Fukudenkai is currently preparing for the start of fundraising activities with the aim of further supporting Polish people.