Józef Jakóbkiewicz

Józef Jakóbkiewicz was a Polish doctor and a community activist born in Russia in 1892.

Along with Anna Bielkiewicz he established the Polish Emergency Committee for Children of the Far East and he was later responsible for setting up Siberian Children Centre in Wejherowo.
Furthermore, he created Marine & Tropical Medicine Institute in Gdyna – the first establishment of the kind in Poland.

He also actively supported scouting and he even set up the first polish Sea Scouting troop called “Hufiec Syberyjski” (Siberian troop). 

Jakóbkiewicz wrote several books on medicine, yet he also published a book about Japanese Code of Chivalry, which was released in 1937. 

The community activist died on the 9th of July 1953 in Łódź.