July 22 – 100th anniversary of the arrival of Siberian Children

Today, July 22, 2020, is the 100th anniversary since the Siberian Children first set foot on Japanese soil.

In this memorial year, we will introduce a part of the contents of “Siberian Children’s Diary” in two languages, Polish and Japanese, with the title “100 years ago today”.

The diary contains information how the children spent their time at Fukudenkai Childcare Center (Currently known as “Hiroo Friends” from Social Welfare Corporation Fukudenkai). The dairy also describes who visited the facility and how a daily life of Siberian Children looked like in Japan. 

We sincerely hope that this project will help people of Poland and Japan to think more about the children and their lives in Japan.

 – What is “Siberian Children’s Diary”?

It is a diary of Siberian Children who spent their time at Fukudenkai Childcare Center, written from July 24, 1920 to July 8, 1921.

The original was stored in Meiji-Mura Museum, but was moved to the Library Archives of Japanese Red Cross Toyota Nursing University in 2005. The above original has been rewritten by the Institute of Historical Research of Fukudenkai Childcare Center, and this material is used for this project.