The 4th Anniversary Day of the school being named by Siberian Children in 2022

On November 21st, Siberian Children Elementary School held a ceremony to celebrate the naming ceremony of the school.

The 4th anniversary of the school being named by Siberian Children, was attended by representatives of the Japanese Embassy in the Republic of Poland,
the Polish government, Celestinov city, scout group, descendants of Siberian Childrens and many other related organizations.
★You can learn about the Siberian Children Elementarty School from the article below.

Theatrical, dance and music performances related to Poland and Japan were performed by the students, and the movie about Siberian Children called “Autumn in Warsaw” was screened.

The people involved expressed their appreciation for the fact that the historical events that took place hundred years ago have been properly passed down to the present day.

You can also watch the event here: (in Polish)