Polish Siberian Children Memorial Elementary School

In November 2018, an elementary school named “Polish Siberian Children Memorial Elementary School (Szkoła Podstawowa im. Polskich Dzieci Syberyjskich w Starej Wsi)” was born in Stara Wieś, Celestynów County, Poland.
It is a public school that opened in 1965, but its name and curriculum were decided to change in 2018.

After Han‐Shin Awaji Earthquake disaster in 1995, Mr. Stanisław Filipek,
a then commercial counselor of Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tokyo,
started planning to do something for Japanese people who lost everything because of the earthquake. 

He made a plan to invite some affected children to Poland,
and finally 60 affected children visited Poland for three weeks during summer vacation.

During their stay in Poland, the children could meet four Siberian Children.
The place where the children stayed for several days was the present Polish Siberian Children Memorial Elementary School. 

After that, the idea of ​​adding “Siberian Children” to the school name came up.
Although there was some disagreement at the beginning, it was decided to renew the school name and curriculum, and in November 2018, Polish Siberian Children Memorial Elementary School was born.
Cherry blossoms and the Japanese flag are used as motifs for school badges,
and the children have karate and Japanese language classes.

Today, not the descendants of Siberian Children, but many children in the surrounding area are studying at this school.
In 2017, a nursery school became a subsidiary, and now more than 400 children are studying at the school.



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