A series that follows the path of Siberian Children. This time we would like to introduce Wejherowo, where Siberian Children have spent their time after returning to Poland.
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Wejherowo, located in northern Poland, is an industrial city. It is also known as a major tourist destination because of the Baltic Sea. In summer, many tourists visit there by using Airbnb and ecotourism. In the suburbs, you can enjoy the peaceful scenery of the grasslands.

The facility where Siberian Children stayed after returning from Japan is still used as a school.
There is an exhibition in the school that shows the situation at that time. In addition, there are some photos of Japanese children who visited Poland after The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

Exhibition in the school

In November 2019, a commemorative symposium related to Siberian Children was held there. During the symposium, Mr. Teruo Matsumoto and Professor Wiesław Theiss, the researchers of Siberian Children, and Mr. Akinori Nishikawa from the Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum gave lectures.

The symposium in November 2019 (at the place where Siberian Children stayed)

Wejherowo is the place where Siberian Children spent their time before moving to the next place. The pictures displayed at the school show children wearing kimono.

Wejherowo may not be a familiar tourist destination for foreigners, but it is a place where you can feel Poland closer by taking a leisurely walk around the city.

The city center of Wejherowo