【Opinions】Regarding the interview with Mr. Łukasz Grabowski

In this article, we would like to share some of the opinions of Polish and Japanese youths regarding the interview with Mr. Lukasz. 

It was mentioned in the interview that teachers invite some people for special history lectures.※1 I think that this is the best way to spread the knowledge about Dzieci Syberyjskie. When this kind of lecture is held, I would like to play an active role there.

I was impressed by Lukasz’s opinion that both countries are trying to know not only the mentioned countries, but also their neighbours as well. I am studying in Poland, so I have also had a similar experience. I believe that an interest in the bordering countries can also have a direct positive impact on Poland-Japan relations.

※1 Yumi asked “ how can we get Poles to know about the history of the Siberian Children?”. He responded “how about visiting schools and holding lectures? When I was an elementary school student, a history teacher invited guest lecturers to give lectures during regular classes. I think it is very good to have an opportunity to tell children and the younger generation directly.”